Electric Violinist Linzi Stoppard Rocks Adagio For Strings – Electric Violin Remix

Linzi Stoppard Official
Electric Violinist Linzi Stoppard headlines the opening gala to a celebrity packed audience from around the world,to celebrate $170M refurbishment to the InterContinental Park Lane. Linzi Stoppard is now one half of the electric violin duo FUSE. Since the released of FUSE’s album on Universal Music last summer FUSE have become the world’s premier string act, setting the benchmark for all string acts to follow.

“The most innovative album for over a generation violin hero has arrived.”

“Linzi Stoppard & FUSE gives classical music a £1 Million rock n roll makeover with their world’s most expensive Swarovski Bridge Violins”

Electric violinists Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee comprise FUSE, and they’re wowing music lovers with an innovative and one-of-a-kind sound that’s unlike any other.

As part of the FUSE violin duo, Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee are carving out a unique musical niche and an equally unique fan base with their incredible sound. Violins are traditionally associated with classical music, but the FUSE electric violin duo has bucked the norm. They delved into the sometimes risky and uncharted territory that is the world of crossover music to develop a new, innovative sound; one that’s unique on the music scene.

“Many string instruments have electric varieties, but these musicians typically use a traditional acoustic instrument so you end up with a traditional sound, albeit a bit louder. Our approach is very different. We utilize  sonic processors and a unique type of electric violin. The result is our very own FUSE style,” Linzi explained.

linzi stoppard adagio for strings2
linzi stoppard adagio for strings2

Linzi and FUSE’s DEBUT album out now. ORDER HERE:

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